Posted by Todd Russell on Jul 09 2017 at 03:01PM PDT

Good day, as you may have heard the Interior of BC has been hit hard by wildfires this weekend – we are very lucky to not be affected by the fires in Kelowna but we have experienced high levels of smoke form these fires that has resulted in some poor air quality – today is much better than yesterday.

We suggest that any players or person traveling to Kelowna next weekend who may have asthma or breathing issue be prepared for smoke in the valley, we suggest the following web page for more information on air quality

Additionally it is going to be hot in Kelowna on the weekend, forecast is showing 34-36 degree temps, due to the large amount of teams and venues we use as well as mess that gets created we do not supply water at each dugout or to each team – please make plans for your players to have water.


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